The Drunken Pony

Cloppin’ along…out there on the borderline…

Renaldo, an oddly-named shrunken horse, trots back in to El Paso just prior to sunset.  This gives him just enough time to do his classic pony schtick for the day’s final passersby.  You know, to try and look cute and maybe…just maybe…let out a little “neigh” for added effect.  Simple, yet oh so effective.

Yep…now the nighttime’s fallin’ and Renaldo’s headed down to the local saloon.  Estimated time of arrival:  about fifteen minutos.

Visions of that salty-rimmed tequila glass light up his already blood-shot eyes…if just for a moment.  The slightest trickle of drool begins to dangle from his pseudo-stallion chops.  He can already hear the barkeeper telling him that he’s had enough…but it doesn’t phase him one bit.

His mission for this Tuesday night is simple…get drunk…then maybe try and meet a mare…but mainly get drunk.  Straight booze, no chasers.

Plus, today is Water Conservation Day so, you know, he’ll be supporting that cause wholeheartedly.

OK…I’ll admit it.  Now I’m making excuses for him.  Yea…so he’s been a bit of a rebel in recent years with the whole tax evasion thing…and he’s missed several foal-support payments.

He’s still in great shape physically, though…mainly do to that STABLE diet he’s been on.  Plus, he’s always been a friendly NEIGH-bor of mine.

Alright, Renaldo…I’ll cut ya some slack!  Go and have a good time!

Just one more thing…I know how you like to smoke when you’re drinking…but please…try and keep away from the cigarettes tonight, my fellow pony…they’re makin’ yer voice a Little Hoarse!



One thought on “The Drunken Pony

  1. danboy82

    Boss! Might make for a decent ESL lesson on punning and homophones, if it only were like a tad more k-12 appropriate I’d probably use this at work.

    Blogging is awesome! ttyl barntooth

    Liked by 1 person


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