A Porpoise Ponders Its Purpose

“What is my purpose?” pondered the porpoise.

To count the bubbles that I breathe?
Or perhaps the troubles this world has weaved?

I don’t live on land to experience the corruption,
But when I jump through the air
I can sense the disruption.

If only the people could understand
The vastness of life beyond their land.

To envision this underwater realm
Its size would surely overwhelm.

All of the things they’ve yet to discover
In this liquid Universe
Above which they hover.

Are they simply unaware?
Or do they just not care?
All of our lives are in the balance
Down here below and up there.

If I could just shine a light
To show one bright sight…

Below their oiled shores…
And beyond their petty wars…

Just for a moment…

A total glimpse of life here on Earth…

And the worth of every single birth.



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