Life On Zeltrix


Multi-colored, neon, pyramid-shaped structures lie neatly scattered across the landscapes of Zeltrix (a planet located in the 7th dimension of galaxy UX77-653) which vary in elevation to a notably high degree. These pseudo-pyramids are utilized for various purposes. For example, the blue neon pyramids are used for spiritual energy renewal, while the orange for life-force renewal.

The inhabitants of Zeltrix are peculiar in that they run on personal computers, yet they can also feel the deepest of emotions. They feed off of the dark-orange blood that essentially fuels their human-like tendencies for love, hate and the self-driven quest for both good and evil forms of spirituality.

These Zeltrixian characters can only accurately be described, in Earthling terms, as mid-1980’s avant-garde fashion show rejects (rejected due to their high strangeness). Angular and pointed displays of fashion seem to be common but one must be aware that they can be changed mentally at the whim of the individual. For example, an octagon-shaped hat, helmet or hair-piece could spontaneously morph into an oversized, drooping feather draped across the forehead of the inhabitant solely based upon where its imagination decides to take it. I say “its” imagination because the creatively clever creatures of Zeltrix display natural likenesses of things ranging from robots to animals to humanoids and they exhibit genders ranging from male to female to hermaphroditic.

You could be meditating with a lizard-like being inside of one of the blue neon spirituality-based pyramids and step outside after finishing, only to cross paths with a robotic elephant life-form with spinning rubies for eyeballs that just so happens to be dawning a suit straight out of a vintage cubism painting.

A first-hand glimpse into the life of one of Zeltrix’s most interesting inhabitants and the life he leads will be the basis of an eventual story of this quirky planet.  This inhabitant is named Humphrey and his chosen mode of transportation happens to be the squank, which is a half-squid, half-tank.

For now, though, this is just a passing glimpse into the world known as Zeltrix.

* Further development of this tale will be posted on this page…if it is ever further developed.


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