Severe Ecological Disaster



More tragedy to explain
To our sons and to our daughters
The Earths largest form of life
Bleached by climate-warmed waters

One third of Australia’s
Great Barrier Reef
Is now an underwater graveyard
Past the point of relief

The Reef’s coral gives up its algae
When the waters stay too warm
And thus
Losing its life-force
It begins to deform

Next seaweed takes it over
Which leads it to its death
So unless we stop polluting
It will breathe its final breath

The first step
Is becoming aware
Step number two
Is agreeing that we care

So if you too enjoy
The endless pleasures
Found within the wonder
Of Earth’s timeless treasures

Say that you’ll join me
Before the waters bleach her
And we’ll fight to save the glory
Of this mighty Reef creature


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