Winnie the Dunce

In a swarth
Of apple-shrapnel,
Winifred minces about
In an angular fashion.

Her next absurd caper,
She awaits
The daily newspaper.

Seconds soon awaken
An overt restlessness
During her rather ramshackle breakfast.

She must conspire
An alibi for the fire

Before husband Vinnie confronts
Wife Winnie,
The dunce.


imageDeranged slang
Is overtly branded
To the unflinching hide
Of yesterday’s morals…
While the air,
With the putrid stench
Of a white
Lactose liquid
Mechanically extracted
From the teat
Of a depressed
Billy goat,
Is slowly inhaled
Into the lungs
Of mankind’s future

Deflator Mouse?


After hearing talk about the German operetta, “Die Fledermaus”, my hopes were soon deflated after learning that the plot does not consist of a mouse that sneaks around late at night letting the air out of balloons and/or car tires…


(Die Fledermaus sounds exactly like “Deflator Mouse” when spoken)